Audi Q2

When Audi launched the Q2, the latest and smallest in its Russian doll line-up of Q cars, a few month’s ago, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a junior SUV, something like the size of the original Subaru Forester, but with Audi’s classy cockpit and styling pazazz. I’ve long been a fan of […]

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I have a deep affection for Subarus in general, the Forester in particular, although with each new version I try I’m increasingly sure that just under ‘heavy metals’ on the order forms that keep those factories in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture on the roll with raw material, there must be a line for ‘epic amounts of […]



Once a year I yearn for one of those double-cab pick-ups with tyres like monstrous doughnuts and a snorkel. The kind you see in Iceland, which is where I am when I yearn for one. I’m usually driving some Daewoo or Ssanyong hire-car, gingering my way along a pot-holed track looking for a fishing-hut in […]


Volvo V90

I was hugely looking forward to my week with the all-new Volvo V90, the car Volvo should have been building these past 20 years or more. I even had a 1980’s play-list ready on my iPod. Back-seat teenage journeys were always in a large Volvo estate, my father’s default pick from the company car list. […]

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Aston Martin DB11

New Aston CEO Andy Palmer has described the new DB11 as ‘the most important car in Aston Martin’s history’. The DB11 and every other Aston upon which the hopes of a buoyant renaissance and financial future have ever been invested! Aston would not be Martin if it wasn’t selling the world’s most desirable, soulful, quintessentially […]

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Porsche Macan Diesel S

The Rubenesque Porsche Cayenne never really did it for me, even if it sold like hot cakes and was the car that saved Porsche. It was just too big and bossy. But when I first clapped eyes on the curves of its little sister the Macan, it was car-lust at first sight.  Porsche launched the […]

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